Dance company: Fattoria Vittadini

Choreography by Francesca Penzo

concept: Francesca Penzo & Jacques-André Dupont | choreography: Francesca Penzo | visual concept: Jacques-André Dupont | performers: Michela Cotterchio, Samira Cogliandro, Demian Troiano | sound design: Clément Destephen | costumes: Nawelle Ainèche | voice: Manuela de Meo | drama consulting: Giulia Tollis | technical management: Giulia Pastore | production: Fattoria Vittadini, NEXT / Regione Lombardia | coproduction: CID Rovereto | with the support of: Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Municipality of Milan, ATER – Emilia-Romagna Theatrical Association – Multidisciplinary Regional Circuit

In the future, everyone will have access to preparing its own end. Thanks to dedicated artificial intelligences, we will be able to train for this crucial moment, as the buddhist monks use to do. The simulation programm replaces the Lamas of Tibet who used to read the ancient “Bardo Thodol” to the dying ones. VANITAS is a contemprorary dance project which proposes a preparation for the inescapable moment of death. In a live simulation guided by an artificial intelligence, the public travels through the diverse states of the process inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead.


Fattoria Vittadini was born in Milan in 2009, by the will of 11 graduated dancers from the Paolo Grassi School. The goal was to remain together despite the differences in styles and tastes, creating “a place” for training, professional improvement, artistic growth, research and contamination with other artists. Because of its fluid structure, Fattoria Vittadini is a group eclectic and versatile, able to put itself out there with different choreographers, adapting its own style to the variety of artistic languages, increasing the level of expertise and enriching the artistic path both for the collective and the dancers. Thanks to the practice of involving external artists, Fattoria Vittadini had the opportunity to work with important artists, such as A. Vidach, L. Childs, Y. Godder, V. Sieni, M. Weinberg, matanicola and others.

Francesca Penzo is an Italian choreographer, artist and performer who lives between Bologna and Milan. She graduated from the Academy of Dance & Theater, Paolo Grassi Milano in 2009 and in 2011 she got a degree in Culture and Human Rights from the Faculty of Political Science in Bologna. She is a founding performer of the Italian Contemporary Dance Company, Fattoria Vittadini, whom she has danced with since 2009. She has performed between the others with Lucinda Childs, Maya Weinberg, Matanicola, Maya Carrol, Jan Claude Penchenat and Enzo Cosimi. For the past five years Penzo has developed her personal process as author and choreographer through collaborations with visual artists, musicians and light designers.  In 2015 she enters the Anticorpi XL Emilia Romagna network. Her work is presented in several festivals such as: Mirabilia Festival, MilanOltre Festival, Festival Danza Urbana Bologna, Mainz Festival, 100Grad Festival Berlin, Festival Oriente Occidente Rovereto. In 2017-2018 her new production is supported by Fattoria Vittadini, the CID Center of Rovereto, the Bando Next Lombardia, the Regional Table of Dance Emilia Romagna, FND – National Dance Foundation and Network Anticorpi.Since 2018 Francesca is the artistic director of the Th!nk P!nk Festival in Milan.

Jacques-Andrè Dupont is a transmedia artist navigating the new media and performance fields. He uses projection mapping and performance to build bridges between distant disciplines and concepts. His academic path in media studies, special effects for cinema and contemporary dance in Berlin brought him to develop a peculiar reflection on the body and technology. In response to the ambient hypervisuality and technocults he develops an artistic language dedicated to the tactile sense: Touch Choreography. Since 2014, he has been developing the practice of paintmapping, in which he choreographs light in space in collaboration with visual artists. He has collaborated with international artists of the contemporary art and street-art scenes such as: Tape Over, BLO, Psoman, YANDY, SPHINX, Koey, Giulia Zanvit, Henri Lamy, Abdoul Khadre, Khwezi Strydom, V2M, WENC, Quetzilla, Klebebande.