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Viva la mamma – Manuale senza istruzioni

Concept, choreography and dance by Gioia Morisco
Sound design by Ricardo de Sonis
Winner of the ACASA call for proposals, produced by Scenario Pubblico, with the support of H(abita)t Rete di
spazi per la Danza, Associazione Danza Urbana in collaboration with Regione Emilia Romagna,
AlmaDanza, Crexida, Fienile Fluò, Leggere Strutture

A journey into the feminine and into the mysteries of creation in the form of a solo. Between peaks of euphoria and moments of phlegmatic slowness, the daily and universal difficulties with which a young mother is confronted are staged. Caught in its animality, the body is shaped between gestures, dynamics and abstraction. While the boundaries become blurred, different roles chase each other and trample on each other, woman, mother, child, martyr, warrior… With irony, between tenderness and exasperation, the performer investigates through movement the delicate and at the same time overwhelming adventure of becoming a mother.
With a continuous game of contrasts, she breaks down the stereotype of motherhood as an idyllic experience. The comparison is with the image of the Madonna, symbol par excellence of sacred iconography and Western culture. Through movement, the archetype becomes flesh and blood while the body shows its vulnerable creative power and accompanies us in the taboos of female solitude.
The show Viva la mamma was born from the desire to sensitize the public about the physical, psychological and emotional difficulties that the woman lives in the early days after childbirth, showing a performative vision of the so-called puerperium.