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With W Samir Calixto continues exploring the intersection between philosophy and dance, with female gender taking centre stage as a representation of the strength, fury and passion so present in ancient female myths and archetypes, and their surrender to profound emotions.

To first touch this essence, the research period in ancient Catania will collect stories and impressions from local women about themselves and their relationship to Etna (La Donna), in which the choreographer expects to find a connection between the vibration intrinsic to the volcano and the feminine essence in movement, as a channeling to a fundamental force of destruction and creation.


choreography and concept: Samir Calixto | dancers: Camilla Montesi, Alice de Maio, Xanthe van Opstal + 2 da definire | production: Samir Calixto / Korzo Productions | in collaboration with: Scenario Pubblico/ CZD