We Might Kiss

WE MIGHT KISS intends to recount the journey within a process of new knowledge of oneself and the system in which one has lived, thus revealing a collective consciousness and memory. The life of man, observed in this way, is embedded in a larger system, geological, astronomical, between interiority and landscape, between fragile and powerful, micro and macro, between inertial and spiritual.
fragile and powerful, micro and macro, inertia and necessity. From the revelation of the human being as an embryo of the social fabric, a discovery of relationship is created through the shared use of space and gesture,
made of attempts and observation, in the search, with improbable precision, for one’s place in the world. The group is formed, the socio-ecological system, which moves and evolves itself through the incessant dynamics of the life cycle, between social consciousness and hyperbolic instinct to continue life.