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Choreography and Direction Dunja Jocic | Performers Anita Bonavida, Lorenzo Capozzi, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Mateo Mirdita,
Alessandro Piergentili, Miriam Raffone, Martina Staltari | Original music Renger Koning | Actor Milutin Dapcevic | Lighting design Marco Policastro | Dramaturgy Nikola Zavisic | Original text Barbi Markovic | Costumes Anna Coluccia | Text translation Mascha Dabic | A Spellbound production | with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture | co-production Birds Productions, Bolzano danza

For the first time, Serbian-Dutch choreographer Dunja Jocic signs an evening work on a commission for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, with whom she had already collaborated in 2016 on occasion of the project La Mode directed by Tomoko Mukayiama. Premiered in Bolzano Dance , which is its co-producer, “We , us and other games” proposes a reflection on relationships interpersonal relationships in the digital age through the experience of play. As Alessandro baricco in his famous essay “The game”, virtual games are a kind of Trojan horse of truth and experimentation in our relationship with others. Jocic seems to argue the same thesis in this creation: new hierarchies social and new relational planes emerge in the virtuality of the third millennium and a crasis takes place between those who remain anchored in their own reality – a father who goes in search of his daughter- and those who flee to virtual worlds, which are otherwise increasingly brutal. “We, Us and other games” is a creation of dance but also a play experience that raises questions about interpersonal relationships in a virtual space about the same, about ownership virtual and social hierarchies.