Assaggi di Stagione

Where Else?

with: Marta Bellu e Michele Uccheddu | concept e dance: Marta Bellu | Music Research and electronic composition: Michele Uccheddu | production: TiConZero, Scenario Pubblico/CZD | In conjunction withScenario Pubblico/CZD e TiConZero | With the support of: Enrico Orofino – HC e Snoezelen Foundation e dello StabilediLì | Photo and artistic collaboration: Fabio Costantino Macis.

Not being more than a man, but one that emits uninterrupted human figures.

The starting point is a place of origin, a primordial state towards finding another place, what else? A figure is a set of points. The body retains a figure, a cellular mitosis of images. The body is seen as an observation point, a reference body, namely a coordinate system. Just matter, which covers an area in length, breadth and depth. The motion is relative, and relates to micro /
macro events that include it and go through it, and it’s not just about the visible. On the stand, even on the state: on the transformation. The research investigates how a body at rest produces movement and redefines it in a spa-cetime trajectory that crops and transfigures it. The body is seen as a mass working in a gravitational field, where the anti-gravity is an attempt to break the shape, making it more and appear elsewhere. The work includes a musical research focused on creating a sound environment, cut and crossed by the language. The exploration of light, as the primordial form and most widespread language, together with the sound, is a component to develop in the work in the idea of multiplying what appears in a dialectic between image, sound and light where the body is, lives and dances.The work aims to investigate the language, as a place of space appearance. The movement is transformed in an attempt to articulate the word while living forms in which you set the time. Inside the form, the living is a wave motion that contains a bestial instinct. The word is in fact living matter: there is sexuality in the word. I believe that language is something that should be seen, not heard, and I think we will evolve
towards a visible language. It is thanks to the sphere of language that we can have a collective influence. -Terence Mckenna-