WORKSHOP FOR DANCERS and actors – Philippe Blanchard & Stifani Brothers

Philippe Blanchard

Luca & Gabriele Stifani

Philippe Blanchard and the Stifani Brothers, Luca and Gabriele Stifani, in residence at Scenario Pubblico, organize a workshop for dancers.

For almost twenty years the french artist Philippe Blanchard has created independent shows or commissioned on the avant-garde front of contemporary Swedish dance and European dance. His works have evolved into installation studios with the participation of both trained artists and inexperienced artists. By suggesting rather than telling, Blanchard provokes the creative potential of each viewer, leaving room for interpretation, uncertainty and wonder by providing finely layered artistic pieces outlined by the subtle details on which the viewer relies. It is a continuous process of investigation in which each project is linked to its own rules, even if its work Blanchard describes it as a unique piece.

After debuting with “How about You?” In 2010 and “Thisisthat” in 2013, this is the third collaboration between Philippe Blanchard and the Stifani Brothers.

Luca and Gabriele Stifani are two twin filmmakers and performers whose interest lies in documentaries and art with the aim of exploring the human condition. Their recent production “All Or Nothing Manchester City” produced by Amazon Originals was nominated at the 40th Annual Sports Emmy Awards for the outstanding serialize series. In 2009 they were introduced to the world of contemporary dance and entertainment, immersing themselves in a 10-year collaboration with the French choreographer Philippe Blanchard.

Blanchard and the Stifani brothers invite the local artists of Catania, Sicily and the Italian territory on the evening of Friday 6 December at the presentation of their work and to participate in their artistic practice. An Open Call, an opportunity to meet and open together a debate on the interdisciplinary practices between video and ‘living art’ and on their applications in creating new artistic forms. The goal is to involve artists whose practices emerge from visual art, film / video and living art, to share impressions and observations.

In the cultural, social, political, economic world we live in, I sense very strongly that we share a common obsession over how we control our bodies to form a visible representation of ourselves. Our body is a very articulate sensorial tool that we can learn from. It is not a tool that we control entirely, and perhaps it is something that remains foreign and in a great part, anonymous. We look for sensations, we seek explanations and new information through our bodies. This vessel is an entity worth surrendering to in order to gain more information from and to therefore approach with care and respect. This practice works towards releasing the idea of ownership, working with the body that carries and supports our existence.

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