Arturo Cannistrà (Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Compagnia Aterballetto)

The “Space – work and performance” project promoted and led by Arturo Cannistrà (National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto Company) returns to Scenario Pubblico.
This year the choreographer was inspired by Leopardi’s Infinito, hence the title of the initiative Space & Infinito.

The project consists of a free three-day choreographic workshop and a final performance, return of the workshop and is aimed at a group of young dancers selected from the age of 14 with a technical education ranging from neoclassical to contemporary.

Entering the laboratory it is necessary to participate in the auditions that will be held on 11 November. Each school can propose a maximum of 5 students. Applications will be accepted subject to availability.

Planning times:
> 11 November Audition 16-17.30 group A 18.00-19.30 group B
> 12 November Workshop hours 16-19
> 13 November Workshop hours 16-19
> 14 November Workshops and tests from 16; Final performance at 20: 30


E-mail segreteria@scenariopubblico.com
Tel. 095 2503147


The candidates must send the release form (request the contact details above) duly completed and signed together with the identification document. If minors, the release must be signed by both parents and presented together with the photocopy of their identity cards and of the minor. Please send the documentation by October 31st 2019 by writing to the following e-mail address: segreteria@scenariopubblico.com or handing it all in a short time directly at the Scenario Pubblico headquarters, via Teatro Massimo 16 in Catania.

Space & Infinito
Work and Performance
Dance and poetry. In both the usual man, the archaic and the contemporary dialogue and mirror each other.
This is the inspiration behind the Space & Infinity Performance Inspiration on music by Vivaldi and contemporary authors.
The idea of ​​a collective pièce where the choral becomes a journey towards suggestions and visions, individuals represent the most intimate part of Poetry.

Movements that go from hearing to heart, from sound to sense and vice versa, and from mind to shiver

From an interview to the Poet Davide Rondoni

Infinity is not a philosophical problem or literary.

It is above all human, existential. He, Leopardi, says: “where the soul finds pleasure, it abhors that it is finished.”
If we do not feel sorry when a thing that we like (a beloved life, a good experience, a good thing) ends we would not have the problem of the infinite . Which therefore concerns and urges us from within our own human nature. It is a problem that identifies our nature more than any other identity that we sew on ourselves, often following fashions and dominant thought. Leopardi adds: not only the cognitive faculty or that of loving but not even the imaginative is able to conceive something infinite, but only of the indefinite and of conceiving indefinitely “.
Celebrating the Infinite is therefore celebrating something that concerns us all. Which also miraculously unites opposing parts of Italy. And that is not a “thing” or even an “idea”.