Fic Fest


final site specific performances - different locations

Final result of the workshop held by Francesca Penzo / Fattoria Vittadini from 20 to 23 May with a group of women from different backgrounds, Italian and non-Italian citizens, who shared practices related to the body, movement and dance. The common theme is the research on the meaning of the feminine in the various cultures of the participants with a sharing of experiences and desires that enrich the workshop path. How do we live these contents through the body and its expression? How does civilization experience it? And how do the different cultures in their native land and in the land of asylum prove it? From 15.00 to 19.00 site specific performances in various places in the city center (Metro CT, Benedictine Monastery, historic center)

The workshop is free, for information and registration: produzione@scenariopubblico.com