Fic Fest


Free movement workshop for women.

The workshop is addressed to a group of women from different backgrounds, Italian and non-Italian citizens, who will share practices related to the body, movement and dance.

The common theme will be a research on the meaning of the feminine in the various cultures of the participants with a sharing of experiences and desires that will enrich the workshop path. How do we live these contents through the body and its expression? How does civilization experience it? And how do the different cultures in their native land and in the asylum show it?

Organized in collaboration with the Vincenzo Bellini Academy, held by Francesca Penzo / Fattoria Vittadini, it will be held for three days at the headquarters of the aforementioned academy at the Vecchia Dogana (from Mon 20 to Mer 22 h 14-16), a day in part in the Academy and partly in the external (Thursday 23 May 14-18) and will have as a final result site specifics performances around the city (Friday 24 May 15-19-19 / Metro CT, Benedictine Monastery, historic center).

The workshop proposes practices on the body with the aim of letting go and freeing one’s physical and spiritual potential. It investigates what it means to let go, abandon oneself, release energy and build new ones, regenerate oneself through an intense and celebratory physical practice. Through improvisation techniques the body will go through various states in a process of physical and sensory transmutation. You will come to the creation of a collective ritual in which you will lose the boundaries of your body and your perception to explore a new way of being a group, a tactile surface, a changeable and sensual form, a living celebration of a common breath.

For information and registration: produzione@scenariopubblico.com