Simona Miraglia

Simona Miraglia Born in 1980, she studied dance at the Ballet School of Tuscany/Opus Ballet and at Aterballetto advanced course of Reggio Emilia. After an engagement as a dancer at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, in 2004 she obtained a BA from the University of Linz “A .Bruckner” and works with the company x.IDA. In 2005 she participated at “Ragout ” production of Compagnia Zappala Danza and after she danced in a W.Meng Poon choreography. She partecipates in various productions of Pergine festival and follows workshops held by various choreographers as E.Greco, S.Waltz, R.Castello, T.Stoffer, I.Azpillaga.
From 2007 to 2009 she collaborates with the Venice Biennale, where she trained as choreographer, taking part in the Choreographic Collision project at the Festival International Contemporary Dance. She is selected for the Arsenal program of Dance under the artistic direction of Ismail Ivo and dance with him in the production “The Waste Land.” Also in 2009, she is a dancer in the research choreographic project of Operaestate Veneto Festival. Become a member of Company Giovanna Velardi in 2010 dancing in the production “Alice’s Room” (2010 to 2012), “Straw Man / Demeter” (2011-2012) and ” CORE/Demeter 2.0″ (2014-2015).