compagnia abbondanza/bertoni

Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni. Following their experience in the Alwin Nikolais school in New York, their studies with Domonique Dupuy and poetic improvisations by Carolyn Carlson in France and their study and practice of Zen, Michele Abbondanza (co-founder of the Sosta Palmizi group and teacher at the “Piccolo di Milano” Drama school) and Antonella Bertoni founded their “Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni”. This company is renowned as one of the most prolific dance theatre companies within the Italian scene for their productions, teaching and pedagogical work as well as for the diffusion of contemporary Dance Theatre.

Theirs is a kind of private dance which mirrors alterations found within a couple. So much belongs to their being together on stage: a certain quality in their movement as though in conversation in which you can feel a tangible cosiness within the bodies of one and the other, there’s a consenting awareness in their movements, you experience a dialogue of encounters and clashes within thoughts and physicality not only in their artistic work.( Francesca Pedroni)