DNA Elisa Pagani

Company DNA was founded in 2009 by the dancer and choreographer Elisa Pagani, who also acts as
the company’s artistic director.
The company is supported and promoted by the Cultural Association DaNzA, and from 2012 to 2015,
the majority of the company’s activities took place at Teatro Antoniano in Bologna. Since 2016,
DNA has become the resident company of Almadanza studios in Bologna.
The company is represented by a recognisable and distinct movement style, unifying physicality,
and instinct. The choreographic language aims to bring together sensibility and strength, depth
delicacy, in order to unearth human emotions that hide in the deepest parts of the soul and
into the light.
The main goal of the choreographic investigation of the company is to demonstrate the complexity
human relationships, in their most primal and natural state. This is done through movement and
that express the weight and consistency of the body within a space, perceived and often unexplored.
The company has been known to host and collaborate with important choreographers of
contemporary dance through laboratories, workshops, and performances.