Giorgio Rossi

As E. Satie would say, Giorgio is a “dancing mammal”. At the age of 4, after seeing the Swiss clown Dimitri performing in the surreal time of the scene, he realized he would dedicate all his life to the theater .

Over the years, he had the opportunity to assist the work of great masters like Kantor, Brook, Bausch, Carlson and, with some of them, he learnt performance art scene, before as a student and then as an interpreter. In 1984, he found the Sosta Palmizi, with which, over 30 years, over 400 dancers and more have worked, helping them find a job in the most famous European/Italian companies or helping them to build their own companies. Thanks to the versatility of the art of movement, he has traveled all over the world with his company, staging over 30 productions and 1500 replicas.