Compagnia Giovanna Velardi [I] | MEAARI [FR]

Giovanna Velardi is artistic director of the Company Giovanna Velardi and president of FC@PIN.D’OC, an association financed by Mibact and Regione Sicily, that supports the her choreographic work as well. Giovanna develops projects related to dance in Italy and in Europe and beyond the choreographic creation, she realizes projects dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of dance and works as dance teacher. Giovanna studies in Italy and France. Among her creations and interpretations: Puppet, – ENORMOUS ROOM Ophelia (Hamlet Machine), The three studies, Versus, Short circuit, Pupidda, Clown, Alice’s Room, Live Vucciria and I Picciotti, Straw man (European project built between Prague and Marseille Palermo) Carmen, Core / Demeter 2.0, Look me, Carmen Duo. From 2015, the Company Giovanna Velardi is Associate Artist to Scenario Pubblico, Catania international choreographic center directed by Roberto Zappalà for the 2015/2017 triennium.

Geneviève Sorin created the MEAARI company in 1990 – Maison des Eléments Autrement Artistiques Réunis Indépendants. Dancer, choreographer, accordionist and teacher, she has authored more than forty choreographic and musical creations.
From 2014, she wanted to find a dynamic long term successor to guide the MEAARI project, a project solidly based on exchange and anchored in the notion of personal freedom extending to the act of creation.
For this reason Geneviève Sorin chose to entrust the company to the choreographer Léa Canu Ginoux, who became artistic director and manager in 2016. Convinced of the intrinsic synergy between creation and pedagogy, Léa Canu Ginoux is developing the MEAARI project by strengthening these three main guide-lines: Transmission * Pedagogy * Creation
Her intention is to create interdisciplinary projects which can take different and complementaryforms: choreographic pieces, installations, performances etc. This creative process is strongly connected with the question of the In Situ and the flow of the public between the studio, the theater, the public space and the semi-private space.
In synergy with the new administrative and artistic team, while continuing to work with certain key dancers of the company, MEAARI extends an important territorial network.
In the northern districts of Marseille, but also in a wider territory on a European scale, through the development of creative and educational partnerships in Italy and in Spain, particulary with the Barcelona International Dance Exchange platform.
In Marseille, MEAARI shares physical space with the company Itinérrances at the Pôle 164 – Pole of Création and Development of Audiences in the Choreographic Art.
This is a place of creation and public awareness, of study of culture, a space for shared projects, tools and networks. A space dedicated to rehearsal and production, amateur, semiprofessional or professional, open to outside companies.