Giuseppe Muscarello

Choreographer, dancer, performer, has been working for over twenty years within many Italian dance companies as well as with directors of cinema and theater. His solo dance career began in the early 90s and develops in many and varied forms: from 1995 to 1999 specializing in aerial dances and acrobatic dancing in many European locations with the company Studio Festi. For years engaged in dance and stage movement training for dancers and professional actors throughout Italy.

In 1999 he founded and directed Muxarte, dance company immediately directing his work towards research. Currently the company is committed to the realization of the new creation “Genge” loosely based on the novel Uno Nessuno Centomila by Luigi Pirandello.

The 2016-2017 shows are the follows: “Me -She – It”, “Soul Carnis in Sanguine East”, “I Am My Mother”

This last one work is a large project that was born with the idea of a photo exhibition : seven photos (viewable on the site www.muxarte.com) depicting a son who broods about the past and the memory of his mother. The subject / child then becomes the dancing body with a show on tour that since March the 16th 2016, is also a book containing a short story, published by Leima and availabe on site www.edizionileima.it, three different ways of telling the same topic.