Ivona Company

IVONA was founded in 2019 by italo-spanish choreographer Pablo Girolami. IVONA’s first creation “Manbuhsa” initiated from the collaboration with the dancer Giacomo Todeschi. It won the Italian prize TWAIN Direzioni_Altre as well as the audience award at the CortoinDanza – Cagliari and at the 33. Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid. In 2020, Girolami choreographed “Manbuhsona”, co-produced by Festival Oriente Occidente and in 2021 he creates “T.R.I.P.O.F.O.B.I.A.” with which IVONA wins the prize for best choreography at the Certamen Coreográfico del Distrito de Tetuán and the audience award at RIDCC.