Körper Company

Körper Company was founded in 2003 and turns its attention to supporting young choreographers from Campania Region with invitations also to residents abroad. The company works with the most important institutions in the area: Naples Theater Festival, San Carlo Theater, Ravello Festival, Teatro Mercadante, Circuito Campano della Danza, MADRE Museum. In 2014 he received recognition from MIBACT, intensifying the production and support work for the emergence of young choreographers and young artists from Italy and the Campania Regionsuch as Luna Cenere, Gennaro Maione, Francesco Marilungo, Giovanfrancesco Giannini. Over the years he has been carrying out the professional training project for the internationalization of Campania Region Dance “Abballamm!” with Dimitris Papaioannou 2016, Marie Chouinard in 2017 and Bill T. Jones in 2018.