Massimo Trombetta

he was born in Milan in 1973, and he practised several martial arts for many years. He started to deal with theatre in 1997 attending the school of the “Teatro dell’Arte” first and of the “Teatro del Sole” in Milan afterwards , finished in 2003. Porfessionally formed in theatre and dance-theatre, he also studied contemporary dance, contact and butoh with several teachers, among them Ariella Vidach, Rosita Mariani, Giorgio Rossi, David Zambrano, Khosro Adibi, Inaki Azpillaga, Urs Stauffer, Masaki Iwana. He participated at the GITIS sections in Moscaw directed in Europe by Jurij Alschitz and to the theatre workshops by Mamadou Dioume. He participates as an actor and dancer to numerous productions, among them “Elogio all’ombra” by Max Cuccaro, “Nati vivi volevano vivere” by Serena Sartori, “Ballando tra le nuvole” and “Echi oltre il mare” by Giuseppe Badolato, Corpo a corpo” by Massimo Trombetta, “Come due gocce d’acqua” by Dino Donatiello and Massimo Trombetta, “Il Calice, storie da bar” by Erica Giovannini, “The soft transition between warm and cold” by Massimiliano Cividati.

He is author and director of thre productions, he is also teacher, actor and free-lance dancer, collaborating wth different companies and in the frame of Italian and European projects, and directors such as Max Cuccaro, Pippo Delbono, compagnia Abbondanza Bertoni, Massimiliano Cividati compagnia Aiataumastica, compagnia Piccoli Production, Serena Sartori, Giuseppe Badolato, Erica Giovannini, Chiara Frigo, Akos Dozsa, Daniela Marzullo, compagnia Garten. He started to collaborate with compagnia zappalà danza on 2008