Mauro Astolfi

Astolfi’s choreographic vision is to continually develop works that equally embodies pure gestural expressiveness structured by classical technique and training: poetry and precision are at the core of the success of his works.
After a long residency in America, he established the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet in 1994, company which he runs together with Valentina Marini . Today, the company acts as an inspiration for many young and emerging choreographers and is currently a leader in the international scene having combined Astolfi’s personal portfolio with the technical excellence of its dancers to create a high profile model that is strongly focused on the quality of productions.
Outside of his work and choreography for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Asolfi has choreographed original works for companies like aerial company, Kitonb Theatre Company (Italy), Amsterdam Theaterschool (The Netherlands), BalletX ( U.S.A.), River North Dance Chicago ( U.S.A.), Proartedanza ( Canada), Arts Umbrella ( Canada) , Szegedi Kotrars Ballet (Hungary), Balletto di Roma ( Italy) , Leipziger Ballet (Germany) , Gärtnerplatztheater Ballet ( Germany), and in the current year for Israel Ballet (Israel) Magdeburg Theater Ballet (Germany), Compania Nacional de Ballet (Colombia) .
He also teaches extensively in Italy and beyond: he teaches regular professional classes at the Dance Arts Faculty (Rome) where he plays as Artistic Director of the Contemporary Department as well as dancing centers abroad in Zurich, London Amsterdam, Tokyo, and New York among other major international cities. Since 2016 he is appointed guest teacher for contemporary dance at Balletschule in Opera Theater in Roma.