MoDem codici gestuali compagnia zappalà danza

MoDem, acronym of democratic movement, is the language that Roberto Zappalà has developed in over 28 years of creations with his company, and it is the goal of MoDem Atelier and MoDem PRO paths transmission, whose educational programs are coordinated by Fernando Roldàn Ferrer and Enrico Musmeci.

MoDem Atelier offers a first approach to the language of the Zappalà Danza Company.

With its duration of 8 months, the program provides a daily training with the aim of providing the tools, physical and theoretical, to those who want to pursue a career in contemporary dance.

Contemporary dance classes, classical dance /MoDem technique classes, choreographic workshops are alternated with theater seminars and public speaking classes, meetings with artists in residence at Scenario Pubblico.

MoDem Atelier is the starting point to stimulate not only dancers body, but also their minds. During the choreographic workshop, open doors with the public will be organized (MoDem Seeds).

MoDem PRO is a path aimed at those dancers already technically trained and interested in learning the language of Roberto Zappalà.

The Dancers selected through auditions in different European cities, will follow an intensive 4-months program, during which they can experience their own choreographic talent with the Muddica show and several events dedicated to confrontation with the public (MoDem Seeds).

At the end of the training course, a further selected group of dancers will become part of the Modem CZD, a young collective of the Zappalà Danza Company.

Some MoDem PRO dancers can benefit from a  scholarships dispensed by friends and supporters of Public Scenario. The scholarships for 2018 have been assigned thanks to the “Asta La Danza” fundraising event, where some photographic works by Franziska Strauss and choreographer Giuseppe Muscarello were auctioned.

We should also like to thank  Mirko Cavallaro, Alessandro Coco, Alessandro De Stefani, Cristina Marletta, Orazio Morace, Salvatore Nicotra, Santa Grazia Trimarchi and Alessandro Sollima for their donations.