French-born Philippe Blanchard has created both independent and commissioned performances at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance and the European dance companies for nearly twenty years. His works developing into installation-like studies with skilled performers and untrained performers. Suggesting rather than telling, Blanchard’s finely layered pieces address the creative potential of each viewer by making room for interpretation, uncertainty and wonder while consistently providing subtle details to rely on. He is in a continual process of investigation where every project is bound to its own rules, but yet describes his work as one whole piece.

After “How about you?” in 2010 and “Thisisthat” in 2013, this would be the third collaboration between Philippe Blanchard, Gabriele and Luca Stifani.

“The beginning of our collaboration dates back ten years, with the key to several shows and multidisciplinary projects. Throughout this decade, we have engaged in an artistic discourse focused on the issue of identity. Subjects such as deportation, refuge, discrimination and social injustice are at the heart of European identity, we have decided to approach our research on the philosophical discourse “Being singular, plural”
Our research residencies aim to share social/artistic/political concerns that affect the whole of Europe.
We will endeavour to open up our transdisciplinary practice to local artists working in the field of performance, visual arts or cinema, to broaden our questions about Live-photography in the context of live art and wishing to dialogue on the theme singular and plural”.