RootlessRoot Company was founded by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek in 2006 in Athens. It was formed out of their need to develop their artistic language which is defined as primal and raw. Rootlessroot is their artistic vehicle hosting their practical philosophy, helping them to discover their capacities and fulfill their desire to dive into the depths of the human being. Their works- solos, installations, medium and large- scale performances have been presented in 21 countries around the world. They have been collaborating with Akram Khan on his dance solo DESH, Staadsteater Kassel Dance Company, Dot 504, Helsinki Dance Company Finland, and many other companies and institutions. The Onassis Cultural Centre Athens has produced and presented their “Eyes In The Colors Of The Rain” (2011), “Kireru” (2012) and “Europium” (2015), and has been the company’s touring supporter. Since 2006, they have been developing the “Fighting Monkey Practice”, focused on the basic principles of human motion and human development. They have been travelling around the globe to teach the FM Practice.