Sicily Made

Collective SicilyMade, is a collective of artists placed in a specific territorial context, Sicily, working in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts.
It was born in 2011 from an idea of Simona Miraglia, within the cultural association IN ARTE, as an open group of young creatives, a network of variable places, a combination of dance, theatre and visual art. The collective carries out a process of choreographic research, an investigation into visions and creative imagery that starts from the only irrefutable fact we all have: the body and its capacity for movement.
The collective has always been committed to the dissemination of contemporary dance culture, with the aim of renewing the gaze towards the south and creating new synergies. The collective’s activity combines different aspects of contemporary dance; it works in training courses, live performances and choreographic research.
Over the years it has distinguished itself by achieving valuable artistic recognition:
– the work Il II Sesso #1 by Simona Miraglia is winner of the Best Dance Dramaturgy Award Teatri Riflessi 3 Catania 2011, selection Presente/Futuro 7 of Teatro Libero in Palermo and Fringe Festival La MaMa Spoleto Open 2012;
– the performance Fairy tale… (Il II sesso) by Simona Miraglia won the Special Prize awarded by SineSpazio at the Biennale MArteLive in Rome 2014;
– in 2015 the collective won the competition ACASA, a project of choreographic residencies conceived by Roberto Zappalà;
– in 2017 Simona Miraglia’s video dance Transiti is a finalist in the 6th edition of the contest “La Danza in un Minuto”;
– in 2018, in Caltanissetta, the Collective joins the project DANCE! The NELKEN-Line, promoted by the Pina Bausch Foundation; a project that in 2019 finds its place at the 38th edition of the International Festival of the Orestiadi di Gibellina, during which the performance Ciuri for Pina – Tribute to Pina Bausch at Burri’s Cretto is presented;
– in 2019 What is left of C. by Amalia Borsellino, is a finalist in the contest “La Danza in un Minuto”;
in 2019 Stizza by Luigi Vilotta is selected for the Seasoning Winter – Art House United Cowboys in Eindhoven;
– in 2020 the collective wins the call for artistic residencies “Le Città Visibili – tramandare l’emancipazione”;
– in 2020, Storie Senza Tempo by Amalia Borsellino wins the Franco Delivery Show.
The SicilyMade Collective, in addition to attending the sphere of artistic creation, since 2018 has been promoting and organising Performare Festival, a festival dedicated to the performance art of the contemporary scene and young dance d’auteur, curated by Simona Miraglia and Amalia Borsellino.
Since 2022 Collective SicilyMade has been selected as an associate artist of Scenario Pubblico Centro di Produzione della Danza, for the three-year period 2022/2024.
Currently the collective involves the dancers: Amalia Borsellino, Marta Greco, Simona Miraglia, Silvia Oteri.