ACASA: call for residencies 2018 – 2020

ACASA: call for residencies 2018 – 2020

The Italian National Dance Production Centre Scenario Pubblico/CZD launched its ACASA 2018-2020 project as an open call for artists to obtain residency in its Centre, and therein create and perform their choreographies. The project’s objective is to provide residencies to choreographers according to the following terms. The ACASA project will span three years, from 2018 to 2020, offering two types of residencies to artists, in order to support their creative development and interaction within its walls:

artists or companies applying for a residency focused on a singe project will obtain residency from Scenario Pubblico in exchange for an artwork created within the three-year period. Scenario Pubblico agrees to support their artwork and launch it in its Centre, within the framework of its seasonal dance program.

ACASA: 2018-2020 call for residencies focused on a single project


Artists or companies will be considered Scenario Pubblico associates when they obtain the Centre’s support for three years, from 2018 to 2020. The choreographers obtain residency for these three years in exchange of a long term project, with the aim to strengthen the long-lasting relationships between artists and the Centre through meetings, seminars, workshops and different art productions.

ACASA 2018-2020 call for associate artists, in-residence for a three year period



The 2018-2020 call is closed


25 projects were selected on 120 received for the three-years period, six of these will be part of the FIC project (Outbreak of creative infection):

Andrea Gallo Rosso / MORSE
Compagnia Chiara Frigo / Zebra Cultural Zoo
Chiara Taviani and Henrique Furtado Vieira
Claudia Rossi Valli/Natiscalzi – FIC
Collettivo “Quei Bravi Ragazzi – FIC
Compagnia A.M.R.
Compagnia Ilenia Romano – FIC
Compagnie E7KA – Eva Klimackova
Compagnie MF / Maxime & Francesco
Daniele Ninarello / Associazione Codeduomo
DNA – Elisa Pagani
Fattoria Vittadini
Fernando Roldán Ferrer – FIC
Gioia Maria Morisco – FIC
Gruppo nanou
Loris Petrillo
Marcat Dance / Mario Bermudez Gil
Marta Bellu
MP. ideograms – TIR danza, Manfredi Perego
Perrine Valli
Resodancer Company
Salvo Lombardo
Shumpei Nemoto
The Mammut Project – FIC

Associated artists 2018-2020
Samir Calixto
Manfredi Perego
Ilenia Romano
Milan Tomášik
Alain El Sakhawi (videomaker)
Stefano Tomassini (ricercatore)