INTENSIVE LAB. Contemporary dance workshop

on Saturday 17th November at Viagrande Studios

1:30 / 5:00 p.m


on Sunday 18th November at Scenario Pubblico

from 9.30 a.m  to 1:00 p.m – from 2:00 p.m to 5.30 p.m

Show: 17th November at 6:00 p.m at Viagrande Studios

Course enrollment ends on 14th November.



The lab is aimed at all dancers, actors, musicians and all people who have a good fitness level and a great desire to get involved.

The choreographer and theorist Rudolf Von Laban was used to say: “Dance is all about man, including the voice”.

Giorgio Rossi starts from this concept; trying to solicit the tactile memory, auditory, olfactory, visual and evocative memory of his students.

He questioned them about the memory of flavors, about their earliest memories.

He asks them questions and invites them to listen.

He believes that the most important thing to teach is the ability to improvise in the deep listening of what is around and to build his own work.

Mimesis is an important tool in its way of teaching and when it guides students to enter the energy of movement (for example, the leaf in the wind, the river or the butterfly),it  invites them to face with the sensual memory, with the goal to reproduce the energy and the rhythm.

“Feeling and guiding are two fundamental principles of my work”. Feeling: feel the weight from which every movement springs from, and the suspensions are created; the falls, the ascents, the slips, the breathing, together with the perception of the heartbeat are the starting point of every act and movement.

Listening to oneself, without thought, leads to an organic presence. From this state you can start the game. Respecting the rules, you can allow the intuition and the unconscious to create.

Once a score of movements has been acquired within a context (space, music, place, circumstance, relationships) the investigative and intensive work begins, passing through different possibilities and variations. As in a solar system where the variations are infinite, you can be surprised, investigate or distort yourself, you can remain in the rules that can still change, until the invisible comes out… perhaps.”


The laboratory will be divided into different parts:

– warm up exercises

– movements sequences training

-space rhythm sequences training

– partnership training, working groups activities on various energies and qualities of movement, including direct improvisation, processing movements sequences and freestyle sessions.


Fee: 60 € workshop + show