Just a lump of dead meat: on the movement of the body after life

The talk will document a particular genealogy of movement that leads up to contemporary dance and performance but that crosses the modern, showing other ways and methods of dancing space, understanding the relationship with the other, and thinking about the movement outside traditional or conventional patterns: it is about the dancing of the dead body. As a hypothesis through which the coregraphy stages the impossible, in its own subversive and innovative potential: that of the movement of the body after life.


Stefano Tomassini is Assistant Professor in Dance and Theatre Studies at the IUAV University in Venice (I); he teaches Drama Studies at the University of the Italian Switzerland in Lugano (CH), where is also a Dance Advisor for LuganoInScena at the LAC, and he teaches Performance Theories at the Scuola di teatro “Luca Ronconi” by Piccolo Teatro in Milan (I).

The seminar is in English.